Here is some original filk music (music based on science fiction or fantasy themes, for those unfamiliar with the weird terminology of conventions). The music is here for fun and, yes, promotion for Softlife. I’m an author who happens to compose a little, not the other way around.

These are copyrighted works, but I give you permission to copy and distribute them freely, as long as you stick to these requirements:

  • Give me credit. Don’t delete my tags out of the files. If you perform one, tell your audience where you got it.
  • Distribute them freely. Don’t charge somebody else for what I’m giving you. If you want to record one in a for-profit collection, contact me first.

I hope you enjoy them.

Softlife: Jason1. Sort of an “audio trailer” for Softlife.
A Bit About a Bit. A fable about metaphysical repercussions when a computer memory bit decides to misbehave. Do you know your place in the cosmos?
Twinkle Left and Right. A version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star from the left and right sides of the brain. I know, later research has discredited the strong left/right brain division, but it’s still a handy way to refer to personality types. Besides, calling it “geek and flake” seemed rude. (With thanks and credit to Jane Taylor for the original lyrics and whoever wrote the original melody of “Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman.”)
Night Breezes. I’m not sure whether an instrumental piece can really be filk, but this one conjures a mood that I think fans of fantasy will appreciate.
Baroquen. Another instrumental piece, but more for the science fiction crowd, who often like the precision of Baroque-like polyphony, bad puns like the title, and number challenges (go ahead, try to count the beats).