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Okay, maybe this page should just be called "The Book" for now. But there will be more. I'm not prolific (my writing keeps tripping over the rest of real life), but I'm tenacious.

I carefully craft my stories to be accessible to those who routinely read science fiction (like me) and those who don't. Whether you're into strong genre SF or just like some popular SF movies, you should feel at home in my work. It's all about the characters and their stories, however strange the setting they're in.


Softlife coverHuman or not, Jason1 may be just the right software to save the world.

He's about to find out.

Everyone thought the terrorist had completely destroyed the space station where the first faster-than-light spaceship was built. Actually, the survivors were implemented as softlife in the computers, and years later they and their virtual descendants live in a thriving but isolated community. Jason1, one of the few who used to be flesh and blood, doubts that this incorporeal existence really qualifies as life. But Iooi, a young native softlife, considers her kind an evolutionary step beyond biology, and three-dimensional space an annoying abstraction.

A spaceship arrives, and the two of them stow away in its computer, intending to establish ties with the rest of humanity. But the ship’s crew is evasive about why they came and what their plans are. And the experimental spacecraft, lost since the attack on the space station, has returned, carrying an unexpected threat the softlife may be uniquely qualified to fight. Working with other softlife, an old friend, and the intimidating Space Force general Heather Lacey, Jason1 must take on terrorists, truly malicious software, and his own self-doubts.

Free sample!

The first five chapters of Softlife are available for free as a PDF at the link below:

First five chapters .PDF (about 500 KB)

Author interview

I discuss Softlife with Jason1 and Iooi in this YouTube video.

Purchase options

Softlife is available as an ebook (Kindle, Nook, other epubs, and other formats) and as a trade paperback (the nice, heavy-duty kind, not a flimsy mass market paperback). You can find it at:

Amazon (Kindle and paperback)

Barnes and Noble (Nook and paperback)

Smashwords (various ebook formats)

Apple iTunes and iBooks (ebook)

Kobo (ebook)

CreateSpace (paperback)

Scribd (ebook subscription)

Most bookstores should be able to order Softlife as well.

Kind words for Softlife

"A very fast paced story with many interesting and unusual ideas" (Mixed Book Bag)

"An utterly original way of interpreting life outside of Earth" (Unabridged Andra)

"The author writes in a way that grips the attention" (Deep in the Crease)

"An amazing plot and a witty prose that grabbed my attention from page one" (Booklove)

"Characters were very well developed" (Books, Dreams, Life)

"The author has fascinating ideas and this book concept was very intriguing" (Fabulous and Brunette)

The Captain and the Seer

It's completed, and I'm investigating publication options. It's coming--eventually.

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